Multi-faceted math instruction bill moves to the Kentucky Senate floor

Republished from WEKU.

Kentucky lawmakers continue their examination of ways to better improve math instruction in the Commonwealth. The multi-faceted measure is now before the full Senate.

Senate Education Committee members gave unanimous support to the mathematics-focused House bill last week. House Education Committee Chair James Tipton said one component is universal screening in early grades followed by an assessment to identify specific needs for each identified K through 3rd grade child.

“It would be my hope and goal that as that takes place, that takes shape, as we have the capacity…maybe more funding in the future that we could expand that to higher levels of the grade,” said Tipton.

Two teachers testified in support of the bill concept, but asked for additional time to add new math instruction requirements.

Oakland Elementary Teacher Brooke Vincent said the existing reading emphasis is working, but adding math may be too much.

“Is it gonna work?…is it gonna be beneficial? Absolutely I want my children to be able to read. But, guess what?…That’s just reading. I can’t double-dip for math. I can’t. I’ll be doing an injustice for my students if I do that,” said Vincent.

GOP Bill Sponsor James Tipton said the bill initially called for emphasis in grades four through eight, but he said some teachers stressed starting in kindergarten with foundation skills. He told Senate committee members the bill has been modified to push back the startup date for the early elementary math evaluations to the 2026-27 school year.

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Originally published by WEKU.

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