‘Solarize Lexington’ begins 2nd annual campaign to encourage use of solar equipment

Originally published by WEKU.

The City of Lexington’s second annual campaign to encourage people to purchase solar equipment is underway. According to a news release, last year more than 70 solar panel arrays were purchased and installed through Solarize Lexington. Jada Griggs is the city’s senior program manager for sustainability. She said the city negotiated discounts of up to 15 percent off the wholesale price of solar equipment.

“We put out an RFP, the installers replied to that, and then we vetted those installers. This is a step by step process to get the homeowners through so that they can take out the guesswork of trying to figure out how best to go solar.”

Griggs said Solarize Lexington is aimed at homeowners, but small businesses, nonprofits and churches are also eligible. She said some participants have seen the usage portion of their electric bill drop to zero and long-term, the equipment pays for itself.

“Even though there is an upfront pricing on this, after 10 to 12 years, you literally paid for those panels, and then after that you will save, you will recoup all of your money at that point.”

Griggs said people making less than 80 percent of the median income are eligible for city grants, and federal tax credits are available to all who purchase solar equipment.

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Originally published by WEKU.

Republished with permission.