Kentucky lawmakers look at late run for e-vape legislation tied to manufacturing and distribution

Republished from WEKU.

The Kentucky General Assembly is tackling more than one issue related to vaping this month. One pertains to what vape products can be sold at retailers.

SB 344 requires E-vape manufacturers to register with the state. State officials would also publish a list of compliant products directory. London GOP Senator Brandon Storm said some vape product packaging raises concerns for Kentucky users.

“What my concern was is all the Chinese stuff that’s coming in. It says it’s clearly manufactured in China, but it can’t be sold in China. It’s only being sold in the United States,” said Storm.

During the committee hearing process, some vape store owners expressed concern a state directory would be too restrictive. Storm said a lot of retailers have, quote, “jumped through the hoops” and are good actors.

Louisville Democratic Senator David Yates cast a no vote.

“Cause what will happen is all your places that abide by and do what they’re supposed to do…that’s right…we’ll restrict that. But are we gonna have the people to enforce all the different places that do sell the bad products? So, what we really should be doing is focusing on enforcement,” said Yates.

Yates also argued the FDA process of vape product approval will be an issue before the Supreme Court. London GOP Senator Brandon Storm said many vape product stores are already working to meet any new requirements in what can be sold in businesses. With less than a week before the ten-day veto period, Storm hopes the bill can be considered and passed in the House.

Another vape-focused bill deals with student use in school.

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Originally published by WEKU.

Republished with permission.