COVID vaccine administration debated in the Kentucky Senate

Republished from WEKU.

The Kentucky Senate debated COVID vaccinations on the floor Tuesday. It came in connection with legislation pertaining to schools, businesses, and healthcare facilities.

SB 295 prohibits a requirement that any individual receives a COVID-19 vaccine for the purpose of student enrollment, employment, or medical treatment. Opponents said it had life-and-death ramifications. GOP Bill Sponsor Lindsey Tichenor agreed, for a different reason.

“Is this a life or death issue….yeah…it is. The number of adverse events and deaths attributed to this vaccine are through the roof. We don’t have a count,” said Tichenor.

Leitchfield GOP Senator Stephen Meredith said other vaccines had many more years of testing. Louisville Democratic Senator Karen Berg said the majority of deaths suggested as vaccine-related were primarily disease-related.

Also voting no was Louisville Democratic Senator David Yates. He questioned such a requirement for businesses with eight or more workers.

“What you’re telling these small business owners is that big government is gonna make sure that they cannot make any mandates in what’s going to be happening in their local business. Eight or more. We’re coming in and saying ‘you don’t have a choice,” said Yates.

Greensburg GOP Senator David Givens cast a no vote, expressing concern for caregiving in hospitals and nursing homes if vaccination is not required. And Givens said the prohibition of requiring vaccination pertains to vaccines now and years down the road.

Verona GOP Senator Gex Williams voted yes. He said if and when another disease like COVID emerges he hopes the emphasis is more on treatment than what he characterized as quick approval for a vaccine. The bill heads to the House with only two more days remaining before the ten-day veto recess.

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Originally published by WEKU.

Republished with permission.