Fayette Schools spokesperson says decision to not hold classes on solar eclipse day a ‘win-win’

Originally published by WEKU.

Several Kentucky school districts won’t be holding classes April 8th. For some, it’s due to the solar eclipse, the totality of which will pass through parts of western Kentucky mid-afternoon eastern time. For others, like Fayette County Public Schools, it’s a coincidence, according to spokesperson Dia Davidson-Smith.

“It was already on our district calendar, already board approved for time off, when we work to figure out the actual calendar for school classes and work calendars and things of that nature.”

Davidson-Smith calls that decision a win-win, saying Superintendent Demetrus Liggins noted attendance was down during the 2017 solar eclipse, as some parents took their kids to watch its totality. Also, it’ll be getting dark when classes dismiss.

“So this is also a safety issue, where we can keep our students and staff safe and not having to try to navigate buses out on the roads. Especially during a darkened time.”

Davidson-Smith said Liggins has encouraged teachers to discuss the eclipse with students in the days leading up to it.

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Originally published by WEKU.

Republished with permission.