Kentucky lawmakers make changes to just-released gambling regulation oversight legislation

Republished from WEKU.

Some changes have been made in the last-minute legislation pertaining to state gambling regulation. The suggested revisions got backing from a House committee Wednesday.

The bill, already given initial Senate approval, establishes the Kentucky Horse Racing and Gaming Corporation. It would replace the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission. House Speaker David Osborne said a revised one-year moratorium relates to electronic pull-tab machines.

“Wanted to clarify that with that portion of the language that didn’t apply to bingo or the traditional paper pull tabs, those types of things,” said Osborne.

The new corporation would be responsible for overseeing Kentucky horse racing, sports wagering, historic horse racing machines, and charitable gambling.

Jason Hall represents the Catholic Conference of Kentucky. He said it’s concerning that a board comprised of horse racing and for-profit gaming interests would have regulatory authority over charitable gaming.

“Our view is that charitable gaming is different and needs to be regulated differently than for-profit gaming and certainly not regulated by for-profit gaming interests,” said Hall.

Osborne said charitable gaming oversight by a new Kentucky Horse Racing and Gaming Corporation wouldn’t take place until July 2025. He said current charitable groups like churches and veterans organizations could continue as is. A House vote is expected Thursday.

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Originally published by WEKU.

Republished with permission.