Kentucky Fish & Wildlife, Prescribed Fire Council offering classes on controlled burns

Republished from WEKU.

The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife is looking for landowners who’d like to learn how to safely hold controlled burns. Jacob Stewart is the cabinet’s private lands program coordinator and fire management officer. He said workshops by the Kentucky Prescribed Fire Council take eight hours and are full of valuable information.

“We talk about all the stuff that influences fire – the weather, the topography, are two of the major things. So we talked about how you look at that, and how you develop a plan on putting fire down and actually controlling it.”

The council’s motto is “A prescribed fire is a good fire.” Stewart said their eight-hour training teaches people how to set those “good fires” – then, put that knowledge to use in a real blaze.

“You take everything you learned in that eight-hour course. And we bring you out and we show you, as practitioners, on how all that actually works on the landscape, on your farm.”

Stewart said the “learn and burns” are held on Fish and Wildlife property.

Controlled burn information

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Originally published by WEKU.

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