Utilities warn to stay clear of downed power lines, trees as power restoration continues throughout Kentucky

Originally published by WEKU.

Utility companies are warning Kentuckians to stay away from any downed trees or power lines as they continue to restore power to residents.

Kentucky Utilities says most of its customers affected by storms are based in Lexington, and have dispatched crews across the city. Around 11,000 residents had power outages as of Tuesday afternoon.

In Eastern Kentucky, more than 12,000 Kentucky Power customers were suffering from outages as of Tuesday afternoon. Boyd, Greenup and Lawrence counties have been the most affected.

Daniel Lowry is a spokesperson for Kentucky Utilities. He says to avoid any downed power lines or trees as they continue the restoration process.

“If you see a downed line, you’ve got to just assume that it is energized and dangerous, and the limbs and trees that could still be in contact, you’ve got to treat those as being potentially energized too,” Lowry said.

In the meantime, Lowry says to report debris on major roads.

“If you feel like it’s an emergency situation, if it’s down across a road, then feel free to call 9-1-1 because we want to make sure that people are safe,” Lowry said. “And that can really pose a threat.”

Any other downed trees or power lines can be reported to Kentucky Utilities at 800-981-0600, or at Kentucky Power at 800-572-1113. Downed lines can also be reported to the National Weather Service.

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Originally published by WEKU.

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