Anderson County man says he was in the basement with his dogs when a tornado ripped off his roof

Republished from WEKU.

An Anderson County man said he was in his basement with his three dogs Tuesday morning when a tornado ripped off the roof of the home he’s lived in for half a century. 73-year-old Gilbert Young lives in Willisburg, about 3 miles from the Bluegrass Parkway.

“It kind of scared me. But it sounded like a freight train, coming through the field. They’re telling me it was declared a tornado. Touched down on my house and garage and buildings and stuff.”

The twister took his roof and badly damaged his garage and other buildings – but Young said he and his dogs were not hurt. He spoke with WEKU the next day, just after workers repaired the front portion of his roof.

“Yesterday was a rough day when I come out, started seeing all the damage and everything. It’s a little better today, I guess.”

Young said a clean-up crew was on the way to replace insulation and begin drywall work and other repairs.

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Originally published by WEKU.

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