Lexington’s VA, outpatient clinics offering ‘whole health’ approach for veterans

Originally published by WEKU.

Lexington’s Veterans Affairs Health Care is taking a “whole health” approach for the veterans they serve. Cassie Graham is a psychologist and the VA’s Whole Health program manager. She said when vets have appointments, they’re greeted by questions beyond “What’s wrong with you today?”

“Our goal is to change the language to, ‘What matters to you?’ So it really goes deeper into, ‘Why are you even present for your health care today,’ like, ‘What even motivates you to come in to receive care today?’

Graham said some veterans are referred to a coach who helps them fill out a personal health inventory to identify shared goals and pick their course of healthcare – which includes programs not normally associated with a doctor’s office or hospital.

“Adding in Tai Chi, adding in yoga, aromatherapy, music, art – the more holistic approach of bringing those into treatment and being complementary to what they’re already getting.”

A wide variety of Whole Health programs are offered at both Lexington VA campuses and at their outpatient clinics in southern and eastern Kentucky.

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Originally published by WEKU.

Republished with permission.