Lexington Council Committee Reviews Suggestions for Boosting Minority and Women-Owned Business Connections

Originally published by WEKU.

The City of Lexington is moving forward with various recommendations to improve its business climate with minority and women owned businesses. Several suggestions were discussed this week at City Hall during a Council committee meeting. Minority Business Enterprise Program Director Sherita Miller said a small, local business enterprise program is under construction.

“The overall goal is to consider reserving certain small contracts exclusively for small local businesses bidding on or to bid as prime contractors. The result will create a more competitive edge for small local businesses as opposed to them competing with other large businesses,” said Miller.

Among the recommendations contained in a revised Council resolution is to set a goal of when working with the Urban County Government of 5% for minority-owned businesses and 12% for women-owned businesses.

Members of the Council’s General Government Committee got a review of Disparity Study recommendations. Council Member Shayla Lynch asked about expanding the pool of subcontractors.

“Looking at the subcontractors that primary contractors use and having been here for about a year or so and having looked at many RFPs at this point, people tend to go with who they know,” said Lynch.

Lynch said a suggestion from a consultant was to award evaluation points to primary contractors for taking on new subcontractors. Sherita Miller said that would be included in price evaluation preferences and small contract opportunities.

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Originally published by WEKU.

Republished with permission.