Lexington city officials unveil new public input website

Originally published by WEKU.

The City of Lexington has a new website that Mayor Linda Gorton and city council members say will improve communication with residents. At a news conference Monday, city council research analyst Jennifer Sutton said the council’s Public Input Subcommittee started work on the project in February of last year. Gorton’s proposed budget for next year has more than 45-thousand dollars for the new site.

“Engage Lexington is a website that will make it easier for our residents to take a look at city projects, weigh issues, provide feedback and ask questions.”

Councilmember Liz Sheehan said it will enhance what they already receive via calls, emails, one-on-one chats and public comments at council meetings.

“As a researcher, I’m excited about the potential that this tool provides our local government and creating data driven processes now and in the future.”

Sutton said the site will include surveys, polls, forums and interactive maps for use by Fayette County residents.

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Originally published by WEKU.

Republished with permission.