Millions in funding coming for projects in Elliott County

Republished from WEKU.

Work is set to begin on a $4.6 million combination emergency services center in Elliott County. Governor Andy Beshear said a memorandum of agreement has been signed to get the project underway. The project is funded through the Abandoned Mine Land Economic Revitalization program. It was first announced at the 2022 Shaping Our Appalachian Region Summit.

During a recent press conference, Beshear said this center will serve a vital function for the eastern Kentucky community.

“Bring together 911 calls to the fire department and all emergency operations. After everything we’ve been through, from tornadoes, to floods, to more tornadoes, we know how critically important emergency services are.”

Beshear said the new center is needed, because the original 9-1-1 center was destroyed in a fire and the current fire department structure is aging and in need of serious repairs.

Work is also set to begin on a building that will also serve as a classroom for first responders and a warming shelter for citizens in times of need.

 A $1.13 million project to construct a food pantry for the Elliott County Christian Community Center is moving forward.

 The center is funded by a Community Development Block Grant Coronavirus Response grant, is now under construction with a concrete floor, loading dock supports and a carport/loading area.

The new food pantry will include storage areas for dry goods, commodities and cold storage of perishable items.

Governor Beshear said that’s not all.

“Another project in the county that improves clean water service to 1,265 households and 85 businesses in the Sandy Hook district is nearing completion.”

 The governor said this is funded with $1.5 million from the Appalachian Regional Commission’s Central Appalachia Distressed County Infrastructure initiative. It will include the construction of a 35 million-gallon water treatment plant and has already repaired a water storage tank.

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Originally published by WEKU.

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