New hires in Lexington could work in tandem to address street safety and accessibility

Originally published by WEKU.

Lexington city officials are moving forward with what’s termed a “Complete Streets Program.” Lexington Mayor Linda Gorton is proposing the City hire a manager for the program. It’s characterized as designing with motorists, pedestrians, cyclists, the disabled, and bus riders in mind. Environmental Quality and Public Works Commissioner Nancy Albright said it covers both government and private developer projects.

“Complete Streets will obviously try to improve on the streets that they’re working on and where projects exist and they will be looking for best practices around the country and ways those could be implemented in Lexington,” said Albright.

Albright said the Complete Streets Program Manager will be working with another new hire, the Vision Zero Coordinator on safety measures. She said that could help lower pedestrian deaths along roadways.

Albright noted “Complete Streets” methodology may be included in laying new pavement.

“Just like how we sometimes add bike lanes or parking lanes or we fix the handicapped ramps when we come through a repave a street. It could, but it wouldn’t necessarily have to, I guess,” said Albright.

The mayor’s budget calls for $14 million in road paving. Albright said, if approved by the Council, it might still be the fall before the new Complete Streets manager is on the job

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Originally published by WEKU.

Republished with permission.