Coordinating volunteer efforts remain important during flood and tornado recovery in Kentucky

Republished from WEKU.

The Commonwealth has seen its share of natural disasters, particularly over the last three years. Recovery comes in various forms.

Western Kentucky tornadoes in December of 21, eastern Kentucky flooding in July of 22, and northern Kentucky tornado damage just over a month ago. Bill Eckler is volunteer program coordinator in Kentucky Emergency Management. Eckler said identifying volunteer groups helps to avoid unscrupulous operators.

“It vets them because they are already people that we’re aware of. We know who they are. We know their point of contact,” said Eckler.

Eckler noted much of that comes through Kentucky Volunteers Active in Disasters or VOAD. He added long-term recovery may extend years, such is the case in portions of Kentucky.

Eckler said he’s worked with hundreds of groups.

“They’re number one goal is to help the underserved, the uninsured, or the underinsured, the elderly, handicapped, widows. That’s what they want to do is to help those that can’t help themselves,” said Eckler.

While attention currently may center on counties like Trimble, Henry, and Jefferson with March storm damage, Eckler says long-term recovery continues in both east and west Kentucky.

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Originally published by WEKU.

Republished with permission.