Kentucky Governor anticipates economic gains coming from Germany after visit

Republished from WEKU.

Governor Beshear says a six-day economic trip to Germany last week proved successful in more ways than one. The governor said he had about 20 meetings and joked he saw a lot of boardrooms across Germany. Beshear sees opportunities for the Commonwealth as German business leaders reassess their plans in the U.S.

“Germany is definitely looking to the United States right now to expand their investments. They’ve been investing in China. I think there is now a big switch to the United States and this was a chance to get in front of them and these family-owned companies, some of the biggest companies in the world, family-owned companies,” said Beshear.

Beshear noted German-owned companies have around 15,000 Kentucky employees and he pitched the idea of expansion. He added he also met with potential prospects. The governor said he knows his Kentucky contingent convinced one firm to remain in the Commonwealth. Beshear said jobs will absolutely be added as a result of this trip.

 The governor is indicating an uptick in his approval rating won’t change his mindset about a future beyond his current term in Frankfort. A new Morning Consult poll has the Democratic governor’s favorable rating at 65%. Following a recycling center groundbreaking event in Bourbon County, Beshear said he had no revised plans regarding his future after this term.

“It’s always about whether or not you can make a difference. Right now, I know I can make a difference here. And I’m committed to serving, what, the next three years, eight months, and a couple of days as governor. I love this job. I love my home and my kids will be going through high school during that period,” said Beshear.

The governor went on to say he’s perfectly happy where he is and looking forward to doing his very best in his current job. Previous polling had shown Beshear with a favorable standing between 59 and 64%.

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