Lexington Parking Authority seeks another increase in revenue, but a different source.

Originally published by WEKU.

The Lexington and Fayette County Parking Authority is seeking additional revenues to help cover some $12 million in garage maintenance and new camera security. It’s included in the agency’s budget for the upcoming year.

The proposed changes would mean increasing the citation penalty from $15 to $25 and a $5 per month increase for regular users of two parking structures. Parking Authority Director Laura Boison said the additional money would go to cover inflation costs and meet community expectations.

“Just to keep them viable. We’re not upgrading. We’re not adding spaces. We’re just keeping them viable. So that when you go in, they’re safe, they’re lit,” said Boison.

If approved by the Council in the Authority’s budget, the increases would go into effect in September. There was a strong public reaction in early 2023 when the Parking Authority proposed increases in street metering rates and hours. Ultimately, the rate package was changed to drop Saturday hours and set the daily metering from 9:00 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Around $6 million in upkeep, most of which was spent on the Helix structure, came in 2013. The brightly lit parking structure near City Hall is 58 years old. Parking Authority Director Laura Boison told WEKU’s Stu Johnson that replacement’s got to come someday.

“At some point we do have to start looking about scaping and starting over,” said Boison.

“But you don’t see that for how many years you think?” asked Johnson.

“I’m not that good. I’m not a structural engineer and we did talk to our structural engineer firm about this. And we believe there is a good amount of life left in these. As long as they’re maintained,” responded Boison

Boison and Parking Authority Board Chair Jim Frazier said the agency is still trying to catch up from lost revenue that came with a City-UK land-street swap that resulted in losing a substantial number of street meters.

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Originally published by WEKU.

Republished with permission.