Lexington pediatrician discusses dangers of too much THC products pose to children

Republished from WEKU.

Northern Kentucky police say a four-year-old girl was hospitalized after she ate a THC gummy belonging to her grandmother. The girl’s grandmother and great uncle were jailed, in part because they allegedly didn’t get the child medical care quickly when they couldn’t wake her. Dr. Elizabeth Hawse, a pediatrician in Lexington, said the case is a reminder that kids can find things they’re not supposed to.

“Keeping things out of reach and locking them up are really the best way; anything that they shouldn’t be eating, right? Medicines, THC, alcohol, any poisons, cleaners, anything like that needs to be up secured and out of reach.”

Hawse said pot edibles often come in a form that’s irresistible to kids.

“They look like a gummy candy and kids are used to being given gummy candies. And so especially in people that are too young to read, that’s not an unrealistic expectation, right? That they’re going to eat that if they find that.”

Hawse said marijuana edibles also pose a threat because they can take an hour or more to kick in – then last for hours.

Edible marijuana dangers

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