Share Your Thoughts on the Budget This Week!


This Thursday, Council will hold a public hearing on the Mayor’s Proposed Budget! This will be your first opportunity to give public comment specifically for the budget. As links are considering their recommendations for changes to the budget, this is an important opportunity to share what you like in the Mayor’s budget, what you don’t like, and what you would like to see changed.

We’re still working on our budget guide, but you can review our Budget Database here! This interactive database allows you to easily comb through different aspects of the Mayor’s Proposed Budget. You can also look at the full budget document here, and the Division Summary here.

The public hearing on the Mayor’s Proposed Budget will be held on Thursday, May 9th at 6pm in Council Chambers.

If you can’t make it to this public hearing, there are a number of other ways to weigh in:

  • Try out Lexington’s new public engagement software Engage Lexington. You can leave a comment directly on the budget here.

  • Email your Councilmembers – while you can always email all of Council, we recommend your District Councilmember plus the three At Large members. Find their info here.

  • You can also speak at Council Work Sessions and formal Council Meetings on the Mayor’s Budget, even if Council is not discussing it themselves during those meetings.

Council is still discussing the Mayor’s Proposed Budget!

In addition to holding the Pubic Hearing, this week, Councilmembers will continue their deliberations over the Mayor’s Proposed Budget in Budget Links. Here is the schedule of Budget Link meetings happening this week:

Links must submit their final recommendations to the full Council by May 15th, so these will likely be the final link meetings held before recommendations are due. The link recommendations will be discussed, and likely voted on, by the full Council at the Budget Committee of the Whole meeting on May 28th at 10am.

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