University of Kentucky Senate approves vote of no confidence in President Capilouto

Originally published by WEKU.

University of Kentucky Senate members passed a vote of no confidence towards school President Eli Capilouto during a Monday meeting.

The symbolic vote comes after a proposal from Capilouto that would transition the University Senate to one of four groups that would advise the President on decision making.

It passed with 58 approving, 24 opposing and 11 abstaining.

Opponents say that advisory role would greatly reduce the Senate’s direct policy-making power on campus. The newly formed Faculty Senate would share advisory roles with the Student Government Association, a Staff Senate and a President’s Council.

Outgoing Senate Council Chair DeShana Collett said their concerns have been ignored by UK administration, and are looking for more transparency.

“This was a last effort to say we’re not being heard,” Collett said. “We’re not being listened to. And it was important for us to get to this point.”

That was echoed by incoming Senate Council Chair Douglas Michael.

“We’ve asked for examples, what is going wrong, what needs to be fixed, and each time we don’t get an answer,” Michael said. “And my ability to come up with other explanations other than it’s just a power grab, just slipped away one by one.”

Board of Trustees Chair Britt Brockman showed support for Capilouto in a video statement released after the vote, and said the proposed governing regulations would help streamline university rules.

“It creates more avenues for voices among students, faculty and staff to be involved,” Brockman said. “Students and staff were empowered to have their voices heard.”

Another motion that would have extended the vote of no confidence to the school’s Board of Trustees was also discussed and tabled.

The Board will meet next month to give their final approval on UK’s governance changes.

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Originally published by WEKU.

Republished with permission.