Toyota Kentucky begins assembly on all-hybrid Camry line

Republished from WEKU.

Toyota’s Georgetown plant is set to start manufacturing its new hybrid model Camry this year.

The first model of the 2025 Camry rolled off the assembly line Wednesday. It marks the first time all cars in the model’s lineup are fully hybrid.

Governor Andy Beshear said during his regular media briefing Thursday the new line shows a commitment to stay in Kentucky. The plant is Toyota’s second oldest in the U.S.

“This continued investment and transition towards electrification provides assurance that the company hasn’t just been a major part of the last 40 years, but will be a major part of the coming 40 years,” Beshear said.

The automotive giant has assembled more than 11 million cars since it opened its Georgetown plant in 1988.

This also comes after a more than one billion dollar investment in the facility announced last February. Toyota Kentucky is using the money to develop more electric vehicles, including a battery electric SUV.

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Originally published by WEKU.

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