Lextran Budget to be presented to Council


In Tuesday’s Council Work Session, Lextran General Manager Fred Combs will present Lextran’s budget for Fiscal Year 2025. Council must vote every fiscal year to approve Lextran’s budget.

Lextran is presenting a balanced budget of roughly $35.5 million. Highlights include:

  • $75,000 to fund a microtransit feasibility study. BUILD, a local advocacy group, has been pushing for Lextran to fund a microtransit pilot in response to major service issues from the Lextran Wheel program. You can learn more about the microtransit issue here.

  • $325,000 for employee training and professional development services.

  • The planned completion of facility improvements to the Transit Center downtown.

You can view the Lextran operating budget starting on page 45 of this packet.

Council Work Session will be held Tuesday, May 14th at 3pm in Council Chambers. You can attend in-person or watch live on LexTV.

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