New Crime Victim Paid Leave policy proposal for LFUCG Staff


In Tuesday’s Social Services and Public Safety Committee meeting, Domestic and Sexual Violence Prevention Program Coordinator Stephanie Theakston will present a new Crime Victim Paid Leave policy for LFUCG employees.

Crime Victim Paid Leave provides paid time off for employees who are victims of violent crime, including but not limited to domestic and sexual violence, who need time off for mental health counseling, or to attend court dates and other legal proceedings related to a violent crime case.

  • Employees would be entitled to 56 hours of Crime Victim Paid Leave.

  • Unused hours would not accrue or carry over into the next year.

  • Employees would be required to submit documentation justifying their leave at least two business days after they have used leave hours.

You can review the proposed ordinance and paid leave starting on 26 of this packet.

The Social Services and Public Safety Committee meeting will be held Tuesday, May 14th at 1pm in Council Chambers. You can attend in-person or watch live on LexTV.

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