Addiction Recovery Care announces more than 20,000 Kentuckians steered into substance use disorder treatment

Republished from WEKU.

Officials with a company serving more than 100 Kentucky counties say they’ve helped more than 20-thousand Kentuckians get into substance use disorder treatment since 2018. Johnathan Gay is the deputy legal counsel for Addiction Recovery Care. He said their liaison team looks for people in distress in a wide variety of places, including courtrooms, jail cells and community meetings.

“They have been very successful at what they do many of them, if not, most of them, are in recovery themselves. So they’re subject matter experts on addiction. And they’re trying to find people, John that are literally in a crisis.”

Gay said the company’s slogan is “Crisis to Career” and many of their clients end up joining the liaison team. However, with an increasing number of people using fentanyl, too many don’t even make it into treatment.

“The upside for the traffickers is they’re able to use a much smaller volume. The downside for the users is that smaller volume packs a lot of potency and is very dangerous.”

Addiction Recovery Care has more than two dozen inpatient and outpatient recovery centers.

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