Lexington public libraries hosting early voting opportunities

Originally published by WEKU.

The opportunity to cast a ballot in the May Primary Election has grown. The first of three days of early voting started Thursday in Lexington.

Clinton Taylor said he likes voting early, not standing in line, and getting it over. With the primary presidential nominees already decided before Kentucky’s May vote, Taylor said it is what it is.

“Just the way things are…some things stay the same..just America you know…one day we’re gonna get it right,” said Taylor.

When asked if there was one pressing issue for them in casting a ballot, Ray and Mary Barry had a similar response.

“Saving democracy I think…we’re hoping to save democracy…yes,” said Ray and Mary Barry.

Mary Barry also said there should be more concentration on education and women’s rights, particularly related to healthcare.

With several books in her arms, Claudia Young said she likes the early voting concept.

“I like it as long as they keep it all legal…does that worry ya?…yeah past elections I feel like yes we ought to be concerned,” said Young.

And then Michael Potts said he didn’t come to the library with voting in mind.

“Frankly I was thinking of coming Tuesday, but I just happened to be coming to the library and there they were and I said..already?..and then they said sure,” said Potts.

A voting official at the Beaumont Library said just before noon Thursday, more than a hundred people had voted at that location.

Ray Barry said it’s important for people to take advantage of early voting or that could be taken away. The 2024 state caucuses and Primaries in other states have already determined that Donald Trump and Joe Biden will be the GOP and Democratic nominees.

Early voting continues Friday and Saturday at Lexington library branches in advance of next Tuesday’s Primary.

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Originally published by WEKU.

Republished with permission.