Department of Fish and Wildlife stresses safety for start of boating season, Memorial Day weekend

Republished from WEKU.

Department of Fish and Wildlife officers are monitoring lakes and waterways for safety violations as boating season begins this Memorial Day weekend.

The Department is working with law enforcement agencies statewide on a campaign to encourage awareness against boating and driving under the influence, called “Don’t Be the U in BUI & DUI.”

Marcus Bowling is the Department’s Boating Education Coordinator. He says the most important thing to remember is to wear a life jacket.

“When we get in the car, we put a seatbelt on and we do it without thinking about it,” Bowling said. “Wearing your lifejacket is your seatbelt in the boat, and it will save your life. It can’t save your life if you’re not wearing it.”

He’s also reminding people to make sure their equipment works before visiting the lakes.

“Your fire extinguisher, make sure it’s charged. Make sure your bilge pumps work, your navigation lights for nighttime running work, your ventilation system works for inboard motors,” Bowling said.

Boating regulations and other information are available here.

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Originally published by WEKU.

Republished with permission.