Challenger in the 45th central Kentucky GOP legislative race easily earns a fall contest

Republished from WEKU.

The margin of victory in the GOP Primary race in the 45th state representative district was substantial. The winner says he’s not a politician nor plans to be… very long.

Thomas Jefferson garnered more than two-thirds of the vote in defeating incumbent Representative Killian Timoney. Jefferson estimated he was outspent 30 to one, but he said a door-to-door grassroots campaign worked. The auto business retiree said without hesitation he’s a “liberty Republican.”

“Very conservative..strict constitutionalist. Basically I’m a laissez faire type of guy. The government needs to take care of our safety and our roads. Other than that, hands off,” said Jefferson.

Jefferson, from Philadelphia originally, says he’s Thomas Jefferson the fourth and indirectly related to the best-known Thomas Jefferson. The Lexington Republican will take on Democrat Adam Moore in the fall.

Jefferson supports school choice where the state portion of funding would follow a student who goes to a private religious school, is home-schooled, or a charter school.

“I went to public schools, my wife did, my two daughters did. I want them to be viable, but at the same time, we have to take a look at..there are some times that it’s not a good fit for the child,” said Jefferson.

The race between Jefferson and the two-term Timoney included lots of negative-messaging postcards. Jefferson said candidates are not allowed to communicate with those card-sponsoring political action committees nor can they speak to the candidates. He said his two paid-for flyers were positive.

If elected in November, Jefferson commits to term limitation, saying probably two two-year terms, three at the most.

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Originally published by WEKU.

Republished with permission.