Humane Pet Sales Ordinance Moves Forward After Lengthy Debates


After lengthy debate in May 14th’s Council Work Session, the Humane Pet Sales was moved forward with an amendment changing the effective to November 1st, 2024. It received First Reading on May 16th, and should receive Second Reading and its final vote on June 13th.

The Humane Pet Sales ordinance would ban the sale of dogs and cats in retail stores. Animal shelters and non-profit rescues would still be able to operate, and pet supply stores would still be able to partner with local shelters and non-profits on adopting rescued pets. You can read more about the ordinance here.

Several community members spoke for and against the ordinance during Work Session. Those against the ordinance were affiliated with either Petland or Most Valuable Pets, the two retail stores that sell puppies and kittens in Lexington. They argued that the ordinance would close their businesses and claimed that they do not source their puppies and kittens from puppy and kitten mills. They did not specify where they do source their pets.

Speakers for the ordinance include community members affiliated with the Humane Society, Saved by Fate, and other animal non-profits. You can see a list of local, statewide, and national organizations who have signed a letter in support of the Humane Pet Sales ordinance on page 15 of this packet.

In Thursday’s Council Meeting, District 2 Councilmember Shayla Lynch motioned to table the ordinance, claiming that Fayette County Animal Care and Control told her that they did not have the capacity to enforce the ordinance. The motion failed. District 11 Councilmember Jennifer Reynolds replied that she was working with Animal Care and Control to clarify the ordinance and potentially amend it to strengthen Animal Care’s ability to enforce it.

If the Humane Pet Sales ordinance is amended heavily in the June 13th Council Meeting, it will need to receive First Reading again before getting its  final vote.

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