Kentucky Hospital Association, Agriculture Department, other groups launch ‘Food is Medicine’ campaign

Republished from WEKU.

“Food is Medicine” is the title of a new campaign by the state Department of Agriculture, Kentucky Hospital Association and several other organizations. Jim Musser is the hospital association’s senior vice president for policy and government relations. He said the program is designed to expand food distribution networks within the agriculture industry.

“And what that really means is helping farmers and hospitals to connect so that the food that’s being served both to the patients, and anyone else, within the hospital is fresh, locally sourced, as rich in nutrition as we can possibly get it.”

Musser said they’ll also tackle food deserts – places where it’s hard to find nutritious food.

“Because you can’t really get the kind of nutrition that you need by shopping at the Dollar General Store. You’ve got to have access to fresh produce.”

Musser said the KHA has commissioned a survey of hospitals to examine the relationships they have with farmers in their community – and how much of the food they serve is locally sourced.

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Originally published by WEKU.

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