Re-opening of Red River Gorge Visitors’ Center right in time for holiday weekend

Republished from WEKU.

The Memorial Day weekend often means increased outdoor activity. That’s expected to be the case in the Red River Gorge.

This Saturday marks the re-opening of the Gladie Cultural-Environmental Learning Center in the heart of the Gorge. Known for some of the best rock climbing in the world, Daniel Boone National Forest Public Affairs Officer Mary O’Malley said there are plenty of ways to get connected.

“We do not maintain climbing routes on the forest, but if someone was interested in getting involved there are a number of non-profits that operate in the Red River Gorge and in eastern Kentucky in general that could help a newcomer get involved,” said O’Malley.

The Gladie Visitors’ Center includes an educational section along with a gift shop. Work continues to renovate the water system at the facility, so there is no potable water at this time. So, porta potties and hand-washing stations will be provided in the parking lot. O’Malley said staff in the Cultural-Environmental Learning Center can offer suggestions in a number of areas.

“So, if you’re in the Gorge for camping, backpacking, hiking, boating…almost anything, you could always stop by the Gladie Visitors’ Center..Gladie Learning Center to plan out your trip,” said O’Malley.

O-Malley noted there’s not really a set season when it comes to tourist activity at the Gorge. She added the last few weekends have been busy, but the Memorial Day holiday does signal more opportunities for families with school-aged children.

Hours at the Visitors’ Center on Sky Bridge Road this Saturday, Sunday, and Monday are from ten to six.

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Originally published by WEKU.

Republished with permission.