Lexington VA offers variety of services to LGBTQ+ veterans

Originally published by WEKU.

For decades, thousands of American servicemen and women were out of the military for being gay or lesbian. That changed after a court ruling in 2010, and today, the Department of Veterans Affairs offers a wide variety of services to them. Dr. Mary-Elizabeth Bivins is the LGBTQ-plus veteran care coordinator for Lexington’s VA Healthcare System. 

“Our focus here is health care and being able to obtain, you know, the appropriate services for their specific needs, and being able to do so freely, and with guidance from veteran care coordinators.”

Bivins said the VA is dedicated to being a leader in health care for these vets.

“And part of that is providing, you know, high quality and gender affirming medical care. Some of the services that we offer, we have mental health support. That includes things like our Pride group.”

Bivins said the Pride group offers a sense of community, and the VA also offers hormone therapy and speech, fertility and prosthetic services.

Dr. Mary-Elizabeth Bivins: (859) 233-4511, ext. 3450.

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Originally published by WEKU.

Republished with permission.