Federal officials have completed its environmental review of the Mountain Parkway Expansion’s final segment.

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The Federal Highway Administration has completed its environmental review of the Mountain Parkway Expansion’s final 13-mile segment.

The review found no significant environmental impacts would result from constructing the new roadway. That determination marks a necessary step toward advancing the project to construction. The path for the final segment was announced in September, 2022.

Lieutenant Governor Jacqueline Coleman said at a recent press briefing that this project is more than an investment in a road project.

“It is an investment in safety and opportunities for the people of eastern Kentucky. This federal decision affirms our assessment that progress, people, and places are prioritized as we fulfill a commitment that is decades in the making.”

Lieutenant Governor Coleman said the new construction will be taking a slightly different route.

“It includes a new cross-country route from Salyersville to Prestonsburg instead of expanding the current KY 114 corridor, because this option has fewer disruptions and property impacts to homes and businesses.”

The final 13-mile segment will run from Salyersville to Prestonsburg and will be a cross-country route instead of expanding the current Kentucky Highway 114 corridor.

Officials say this option would cause fewer disruptions and property impacts to homes and businesses.

The overall Mountain Parkway Expansion project will widen 32 miles of existing parkway to four lanes.

Once the project is finished, officials say Kentucky will have 400 continuous miles of four-lane, high speed highway connecting Pikeville to Paducah.

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