Plans filed for new City Barbecue restaurant at Georgetown and Citation in Lexington

LEXINGTON, Ky.–In a recent submission to the Lexington Planning Commission, plans have been unveiled for a new City Barbecue restaurant to be situated at 2210 Georgetown Road, Lexington, KY. The proposal, filed on June 3rd, outlines a major development project aimed at enhancing the culinary landscape of the area with a new drive-thru restaurant.

The applicant for the project is Jeffrey Lonchor of CESO, Inc., based in Columbus, Ohio. The restaurant will feature a drive-thru, a dumpster enclosure, and a dedicated parking lot, marking a significant addition to the currently vacant lot.

The development site is owned by Fuqua BCDC Citation Project Owner LLC, an Atlanta-based entity. The project envisions the transformation of the nearly one-acre lot, with precise planning to ensure compliance with local development regulations. The design and infrastructure will support a single-story, 3,169-square-foot restaurant, equipped to serve the local community efficiently.

The proposal highlights a variety of key considerations, including the absence of significant environmental impacts such as hazardous materials, existing easements, floodplains, or significant trees on the property. Furthermore, the site does not present any challenges related to historic preservation or the displacement of existing residential units.