Student cell phone use most often a district-wide decision in Kentucky schools

Republished from WEKU.

A representative of the Kentucky School Boards Association says generally speaking, all school districts have adopted policies pertaining to student cell phone use during the school day. And KSBA Director of Communications Josh Shoulta said those typically prohibit use during instruction unless given teacher permission.

“So the teacher has a certain amount of authority in being able to allow students to use their mobile phone devices, smart phones, for academic use,” said Shoulta.

Shoulta said the vast majority of school systems have adopted district-wide cell phone policies. He said a few have left it up to individual school councils. The aim is to prevent non-instructional use.

“Disruptions to the academic process. Privacy concerns. For instance we don’t want necessarily folks taking photos of students throughout the day or photos of things where people might feel their privacy is being violated. Things that could contribute to bullying,” said Shoulta.

And Shoulta noted school officials don’t want students using cells that might contribute to cheating. The KSBA official added laws at various levels of government can be reactionary to keep up with new technologies such as artificial intelligence.

The Lexington-Herald has reported, come this fall cell phones will be banned in Bourbon County High School classes.

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Originally published by WEKU.

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