Video Short: streamer Summit1G, Lexington Times, and Lexington Police Department collaborate to create video reenactment of downtown shooting

Summit1G, a popular online gamer and streamer has teamed up with the Lexington Police Department and The Lexington Times to create a video reenactment of a recent downtown shooting the department is struggling to solve.

The LPD provided the investigative report, The Times edited, and streaming cameras rolled as Summit went to work trying to piece out what could have happened.

In Summit’s reenactment, two men meet in a secluded alley near the Lexington City Center, which is located just blocks from Lexington Mayor Linda Gorton’s office and the Department Headquarters itself. Summit observes from a nearby knoll, but things get pretty hairy from there. You can watch the video reenactment below.
Video reenactment: Summit1G, LT, LPD