Chill Chief Weathers gives stoner cop slap on wrist

Lexington cop Cal Blankenship recently took his cruiser into the shop for routine maintenance. The forgetful cop didn’t remember to take out his stash, though, and workers discovered a box containing “several items of drug paraphernalia, narcotics, and personal items of subjects… the items were obtained from investigations that did NOT result in charges.”

Chill chief gives stoner cop slap on wrist
The box (artist depiction)
The Lexington Times Web Editor reacts to the revelations

Fortunately for Blankenship, this kind of thing must happen all the time–Lexington Police Chief Lawrence Weathers was incredibly chill about the whole ordeal. After a little sesh with the chief, Ofc. Blankenship was assigned three unpaid months of Spaghettios and daytime TV to think about what he’d done.

Chief Weathers explanation of Ofc. Blankenship discipline
The audience reacted to Weathers’ explanation

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