The Pawpaw Parody: council candidate dissed by incumbent, who says she does not speak English

The 11th District’s wily Council Member, Jennifer Reynolds, deftly extricated herself from a particularly awkward situation at the Lexington Farmers’ Market this Sunday.

Reynolds was chilling with some of the more popular Urban County Council Members near a taco stand at the Market, when her group was approached by a middle-aged man in a tan suit.

“I’d never seen anything like it,” said the 12th District’s Kathy Plomin, “a tan suit? at the Farmer’s Market?”

At-Large Council Member Chuck Ellinger agreed with the others’ assessment that it was a particularly cringey encounter. “It was bad enough that the man [later identified as 11th District Council candidate Rock Daniels] was in a tan suit, but then Moloney came around the corner in a full blue railroad-striped seersucker piece and that was when we all just kind of lost it.”

“Uhh… Lo siento, no hablo inglés,” Reynolds said when the man enthusiastically approached her for a conversation. Reynolds made a beeline for the Market’s VIP area and later fled the scene while Daniels was distracted purchasing a corndog.

A recent poll shows the allegedly bilingual Reynolds enjoyed a 2% increase in approval ratings amongst her District 11 constituents following the incident.

UPDATE: Unconfirmed reports from local youths at the Market say a similar incident occurred last year when Mayor Gorton nominated the humble Reynolds, who was the first Urban County Council Member to share all information in both English and Spanish, for LFUCG’s Hispanic Woman of the Year Award.