Video Report: Analysts weigh in on Jim Coleman’s no-knock warrant plan

Analyst: Coleman Plan fails to consider modern weaponry, could endanger lives of LPD officers

Jim Coleman is a New York man and candidate for Kentucky State Legislature. While Jim has experience leading organizations to success including Oscar Mayer & Co., Pepsi Cola Company, Philip Morris USA, American Express, Altria Corporation, the New York State Senate, Westchester County New York Government and Prince George’s County Maryland Economic Development Corporation, he did not personally participate in the bin Laden raid and does not appear to have any military experience.

Coleman exposed his lack of practical experience to the Lexington Urban County Council recently when he brought up the bin Laden raid as justification for bringing back no-knock warrants in Lexington.

Should Jim Coleman, candidate for Kentucky State Legislature, lay off the Call of Duty and schedule a ride along with Lexington Police, as our analyst suggests? You decide.