LFUCG has been busy clearing homeless camps since 2019

LFUCG crews have cleared at least a dozen homeless camps since 2019, and according to a report from the July meeting of the Homelessness Prevention and Intervention Board, there is a long list of more to come. Occupants of the cleared camps are rarely reported to be interested in services that city-paid “Street Outreach Team” contractors offer them before the camps are removed. Most seem to just move along to the next spot.

Download the entire document collection from the Homelessness Prevention and Intervention Board

Below is a list a “identified areas requesting assistance” from the July 13, 2022 meeting.

We did our best to log the camp clearance details and associated costs from meeting minutes and board packets obtained via open records request:

  • 5/1/2022 – “By Lowes” – 3 individuals declined services – $900 cost
  • 3/14/2022 – Unknown Location – “Police arrested all those with warrants” – $1,100 cost
  • 3/14/2022 – Unknown Location, via RJ Corman tip – Individual at camp “very known” to street outreach team, refused services – $300 cost
  • 12/31/2021 – Unknown Location, Davis Bottoms Area off Oliver Lewis Way – $7,300 cost
  • 6/28/2021 – Unknown location – “Due to the rat and mice infestation, area was ruled an extreme public health hazard and all individuals were asked to relocate.”
  • 4/23/2021 – Unknown Location – 9 individuals (6 households) present – Camp removed; no cost given
9/9/2020 Meeting
7/8/2020 Meeting
11/13/19 Meeting

Here are the notices people see at their campsites when LFUCG decides it is time for them to move it along: