DEA, LPD execute north-side search warrant — over 1 kilo fentanyl seized

Lexington, KY–The US Drug Enforcement Agency, in a joint operation with the Lexington Police Department’s Narcotics Enforcement Unit, recently executed a search warrant on a north-side Lexington residence near the Paris Pike Interstate on-ramp. The operation yielded 1.55 kilograms of suspected fentanyl, over 3 ounces of suspected cocaine, two handguns, and $44,280 in cash. One suspect, Alonzo Quante Harrison, 34, of Lexington, was federally charged with possession with intent to distribute 100 grams or more of fentanyl.

According to a federal criminal complaint, the operation started when LPD began surveilling Harrison in October in reference to an ongoing investigation. On November 1, LPD obtained a state-issued search warrant for Harrison’s home in the 100 block of Strawberry Fields Road. The search warrant also authorized them to search his person.

The cops pulled Harrison over as he left his residence. They searched his vehicle, citing “odor of marijuana” for probable cause. Indeed, the search yielded a little over three ounces of weed, 94.7 grams, to be exact. Officers detained Harrison and took his house keys at this time.

When searching the residence, investigators found two loaded handguns, 5 separate bricks of fentanyl, a 3 ounce bag of cocaine, cash, and a hydraulic press often used by dealers to press fentanyl into pills.

One LPD Detective, who is also a DEA Task Force Officer, read Harrison his Miranda rights and interviewed him. He wrote in criminal complaint that Harrison “made statements to the effect of, I have made bad decisions, I will face the consequences for my actions, and I have had plenty of chances to learn.”

The approximate value of the alleged fentanyl appears to be over $150,000. A kilo of fentanyl has an approximate street value of $110,000, according to one law enforcement source. Harrison was previously convicted on felony charges in 2011 and 2018, so it was not legal for him to possess the seized firearms.