Lexington City Council to consider $400,000 aid for homeless families with schoolchildren

LEXINGTON, Ky.–The Lexington-Fayette Urban County Council is set to consider a measure that would allocate $400,000 to provide housing stability services and pay rent assistance on behalf of homeless families with children in Fayette County Public Schools.

“At Council’s request, the Department has negotiated a partnership with Goodwill to provide for payment of security deposits and first months’ rent on behalf of homeless families with children enrolled in Fayette County Public Schools,” wrote Housing and Community Development Commission Charlie Lanter in a memo. According to the memo, the new program will be funded by interest earned from the Housing Stabilization Program’s federal Emergency Rental Assistance grant.

The measure is on the agenda of Council’s March 5 Work Session. The McKinney Vento Homeless Office of Fayette County Public Schools has identified 900 students in unstable housing situations this school year. 

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Paul Oliva is the Lexington Times Editor Emeritus. He grew up in Lexington.