LPD clears large Headley Ave encampment; campers arrested

Lexington, KY–The Lexington Police Department evicted an encampment near the intersection of West Loudon and North Broadway today. According to area residents, a city dump truck carried away almost a full load of material from the site, including the campers’ personal belongings, tents, blankets, furniture, and tarps. There were reports of encampment residents being arrested, but it was unclear if the arrests were for outstanding warrants or on charges related to today’s eviction.

The encampment reportedly took up a 10 x 40 foot space between a fence at the end of Headley Avenue and some railroad tracks that run perpendicular to the road.

An estimated 6 – 10 individuals resided at the encampment, which had been active for approximately two months. On previous occasions, people have been injured or killed on the adjacent railroad tracks. “After the accident a few months ago when the guy lost his arm, they rebuilt the fence over there to keep people off the tracks. That lasted about 2 days before they’d cut it down again,” said one neighbor.

The eviction occurred in heavy rain, with more cold weather on the way. Lexington is also experiencing an affordable housing crisis, seeing record rents in 2022. While some expressed concerns that the city was throwing houseless peoples’ tents and warm blankets in the dump with a cold snap coming, others said the move was justified due to the camp’s proximity to the railroad tracks and previous disruptions it had caused to railway traffic.

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City workers and the Lexington Police Deparment clear an encampment near the railroad tracks behind Headley Ave.
📸 Charles Winthrop