Council Discusses Priorities for FY2024 Budget

Lexington, Ky–On February 8, 2023, the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Council held a joint retreat to discuss the priorities for the upcoming FY2024 budget. The council members discussed various topics ranging from public safety to economic development, with an aim to provide better services to the community.

One of the key priorities discussed was public safety, with a focus on expanding the Paramedicine program and consolidating fire facilities. The council also talked about implementing youth crime prevention programs to address the rising crime rate among young people in the community.

Another major priority was the creation of Complete Streets and Neighborhood Infrastructure. The council members discussed the creation of a sidewalk fund, bike/walking paths, paving, and accessibility for seniors/ADA, as well as access to reliable transportation. This would help create a more walkable and bike-friendly community, and make it easier for seniors and people with disabilities to get around.

A slide from the Council Budget Priorities presentation details the Complete Streets program. (LFUCG)

The council also talked about the need to increase funding for affordable housing and provide permanent supportive housing for the unhoused. The council hopes to create a dedicated funding source to support this effort and provide temporary and transitional housing to those in need.

Technology enhancements were also a focus of the discussion, with the council planning to improve the public comment/input platform, short-term rental tracking software, and cybersecurity efficiencies. The council also aims to provide rural broadband connectivity to underserved areas of the community.

Economic development was another priority, with the council planning to implement Disparity Study recommendations, small business development and sustainability, and workforce development/recruitment. The council also discussed increasing workforce training grants to help workers gain the skills they need to succeed in the job market.

Other priority items discussed included sustainability, debt reduction, corridor investment, infill and redevelopment, and downtown safety-Phoenix Park redesign. The council also talked about creating a non-profit capital grants program and expanding youth and community center programming, and designating a new city park.

The council also discussed non-budgetary priorities such as neighborhood resource officers, a LEED accredited Government Center, and collaborating with partner agencies on public safety, housing solutions, and mental health services.

Top photo: A fire truck parked on the side of a road. (LFUCG)