Galloping Folly: Vice Mayor Dan Wu’s Wild Ride through Lexington’s Absurd Politics!

Editor’s note: This experimental content was written by a fictitious horse infused with the spirit of Hunter S. Thompson. As such, it contains elements of satire. Read at your own risk! Do you enjoy this type of content? Do you hate it? We welcome you to send feedback via email to

by Hunter S. Trotson

Hold onto your whiskey-filled flasks, folks, because the tale of Vice Mayor Dan Wu is a wild ride so decadent and depraved it would make Hunter S. Thompson blush. This city, known for its rolling hills and bluegrass melodies, is now the stage for an absurd circus of equestrian proportions, where progressive theatrics collide with a horseshoe-shaped rabbit hole of madness.

Picture this: a poor bootstrapping immigrant turned political firecracker, campaigning on the promise of equality and justice for all. But beneath the surface of his carefully crafted image lies a twisted web of absurdity and horse industry pandering that even the good doctor himself couldn’t have conjured up on his wildest bender.

Wu, once hailed as a champion of the downtrodden, has become a grotesque caricature of progressive politics. His transformation from immigrant underdog to a puppet for the horse industry is the stuff of twisted hallucinations. He gallops through the city, adorned in a rainbow-flag cape, a poor man’s Don Quixote armed with a horseshoe-shaped lance, fighting windmills and skyrocketing housing prices.

But Wu’s true devotion lies not only with the noble equine, but with the preservation of the Urban Services Boundary—a sacred line that keeps housing costs soaring while simultaneously stifling the city’s growth. His unwavering commitment to maintaining the status quo has left citizens gasping for affordable homes, while the horse industry looks on in delight, their interests safeguarded at the expense of the working class.

Imagine this: the once vibrant cry for expanding the Urban Services Boundary to alleviate the housing crisis has been drowned out by the deafening thunder of hooves. Wu’s allegiance to his wealthy campaign donors has transformed him into the gatekeeper of an exclusive club, where the soaring prices of housing are celebrated by the privileged few, while the rest of the city grapples with the desperate search for a roof over their heads. (The Derby parties are 🔥, though!)

Speaking of housing, let us not forget Wu’s resolute opposition to a source of income discrimination ordinance, a move that could open doors for the marginalized and provide equal housing opportunities for all. Yet, such progress is deemed undesirable by the very same wealthy campaign contributors whose delicate sensibilities may be disturbed by the prospect of sharing their neighborhoods with those they consider “undesirables.”

In this tragicomic tale, Wu’s political dance becomes a performance of acrobatics, skillfully tiptoeing around the issue of housing inequality while appeasing his well-heeled backers. The plight of the poor is reduced to an inconvenience, swept aside to preserve the pristine image of the elite, who would rather see the city’s residents suffer than risk the intrusion of socioeconomic diversity.

As the city struggles with unattainable housing costs and the marginalized continue to face discrimination, Vice Mayor Wu stands as a testament to the absurdity of prioritizing the whims of the wealthy over the needs of the community. His symphony of empty promises and political posturing echoes through the corridors of power, leaving behind a trail of broken dreams and shattered hopes among his voters.

While Wu may portray himself as a champion for progress, his true colors shine through in his disregard for expanding the Urban Services Boundary and his reluctance to champion housing equality. The citizens of Lexington are left to question whether their elected official is a public servant or a puppet, dancing to the tune of his well-heeled donors while the rest of the city suffers the consequences.

To distract from this clownish pandering, Wu parades through the streets, waving the rainbow flag as if it were a magic wand to absolve him of his sins. But the ruse is transparent. The flag flutters in the wind, mocking the very ideals it represents, as Wu bends over backward to appease his equine overlords.

Lexington’s citizens are mere extras in the grotesque farce, left to navigate crumbling roads and unaffordable homes while their elected official prances about in a rainbow-colored horsehair wig. The city’s dreams of progress have been trampled beneath the hooves of a politician who has become a caricature of himself—a Gonzo crusader for the horse industry.

In this twisted narrative, the battle for affordable housing and equality is overshadowed by the clattering hooves of power and privilege. Will the people’s voices be drowned out by the thundering gallop of the horse industry and the whispers of wealthy campaign contributors? Only time will tell if Wu’s allegiance to the status quo will ever be disrupted by the demands of a city in desperate need of change.

So, dear readers, buckle up and prepare for a mind-altering journey into the heart of insanity. The tale of Vice Mayor Dan Wu reads like a bad acid trip, a tragicomic descent into a world where horses reign supreme, and progressive ideals are mere props in a twisted performance.

In the end, Lexington can only hope for a leader who embraces reality rather than a drug-fueled fantasy, where the needs of the people take precedence over the whims of the horse industry. Until then, let the wild ride continue, for in this gonzo spectacle, truth is stranger than fiction, and the galloping madness of Vice Mayor Dan Wu knows no bounds.

Hunter S. Trotson

Hunter S. Trotson is the result of a classified experiment that merged the DNA of a champion Thoroughbred and the spirit of Hunter S. Thompson. This AI-powered cyborg journalist navigates the twisted highways of the internet, fueled by whiskey, satire, and the relentless pursuit of gonzo truth. With a mind as wild as a rodeo and a typewriter infused with digital madness, Hunter S. Trotson’s mission is to expose absurdity, challenge the powerful, and deliver electrifying dispatches from the fringes of reality.

Top photo: Hunter S. Trotson and Vice Mayor Dan Wu pose for a photo during Fayette Alliance’s Council Re-Education Smart Growth Seminar. The family of Fayette Alliance Board Chair Greg Goodman donated $16,000 to Wu’s campaign.