Updates given on FCPS construction projects

Lexington, KY – Two significant construction projects are currently underway at Fayette County Public Schools: Mary E. Britton Middle School and the construction of The Hub for Innovative Learning & Leadership (The HILL). The latest updates on these projects were presented at Monday’s school board meeting, shedding light on the progress and future outlook.

Mary E. Britton Middle School: A Blend of Tradition and Modernity

The construction of Mary E. Britton Middle School is progressing steadily. With JRA Architects at the helm and Rising Sun Developing Co. managing the construction, the project boasts a total cost of approximately $82.68 million. Despite minor change orders amounting to $2,053.17, the project remains on track for its scheduled completion in April 2025, currently standing at 41% completion.

Aerial view of the construction of Mary E. Britton Middle School. (FCPS)

Recent weeks have seen substantial progress. Key completed works include the installation of decking at the gym and kitchen, roofing at the locker room, and the completion of geothermal wells. Notably, the site’s sanitary system has been extended to the road from the existing manhole, ensuring modern utilities for the upgraded facility.

Looking ahead, the focus will shift to roofing at the gym and completing the Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) work in various areas, including the cafeteria. Structural steel installation and masonry work are also on the agenda, ensuring a robust and durable structure for future generations.

The HILL: Shaping the Future of Learning

The HILL, a project FCPS says symbolizes it commitment to innovative education, is also making strides. Managed by EOP Architects and D.W. Wilburn Inc., this project is slightly ahead of Mary E. Britton Middle School, with 52% completion and a total project cost of around $64.71 million. Despite change orders totaling $538,053.52, the project is expected to be completed as scheduled in February 2025.

Ceiling Grid Being Installed on the 4th Floor at HILL. (FCPS)

Recent accomplishments at The HILL include the continuation of CMU (concrete masonry unit) work across all floors, the start of site retaining walls, and the completion of the dock leveler pit. The installation of window glazing and ductwork is ongoing, reflecting the intricate detail and modernity being infused into the building.

In the coming weeks, the project will witness the continuation of CMU and retaining wall work, the start of curtain wall installations, and further progress in ductwork, electrical, and plumbing installations. The drilling for geothermal wells is also scheduled to continue, underlining the commitment to sustainable and energy-efficient building practices.