Breaking: Lexington Times loads legal howitzer as competing publication places them in crosshairs

The Georgetown Insider has caught the fake news bug, it seems. Early Sunday morning, the Scott County publication released a false story that claimed The Lexington Times was relocating to Georgetown.

“While we did consider Georgetown for our new HQ–we had our eye on a nice place right across from Scott County’s Football field–the reality is that cost of living has risen quite a bit in Scott County over the past few years. Rents there are higher than ever, and rental properties are in low supply,” said the Times’ Web Editor. “As such, we’ll probably just remain in Lexington, to be perfectly honest. Also, Scott County just beat Dunbar and is 4-0 on the year, so not so sure that area will be any better than State Street come playoff time.


That didn’t stop speculation from swirling, however. One social media commentator left the following comment on the Insider’s fake news story:

This seems like it might not be a real news item.. I heard a rumor The Lexington Times is secretly opening a second hand couch and liquor store on State Street, next to a smoke shop that sells lighters and charcoal…soon a marshmallow and weenie stand to come! Will they also be sponsoring NIL payments! Shame on them for trying to supplement sagging readership! Glad to see The Georgetown Insider high standards and stellar news crew are on the job! Once again proving the reasons for winning the Buttinski award every year!

John Jonczy – Facebook user (false claims bolded)

“We are aware of this comment,” said the Times’ Web Editor, “this Facebook user probably didn’t realize that I’m an avid viewer of daytime television, though, and therefore have an extensive knowledge of local attorneys and how to reach them.”

As of press time, the Web Editor had reached out to Morgan and Morgan, Daryl Issacs, Hicks & Funfsinn, and Kaufmann & Stigger (but not Hughes,) to work the pending defamation case.

A doctored photograph shows a false depiction of the Georgetown skyline. Source: Georgetown Insider